ABOUT US - One of a Kind Adventure Gear

At One of a Kind Adventure Gear we specialize in custom-made

outdoor gear, gear modifications, apparel, cleaning, repairs, and more.

Custom Builds

- You dream it, we make it reality

- We will make almost anything within reason

- See our "Custom Gear" photo album here to get an idea of what we do


- We will modify nearly anything, within reason, of the original design

- Bring us your product with an idea and we can help make it real

- See our "Modified Gear" photo album here to get an idea of the possibilities


- Literally anything, just ask!

- Here is a brief list of what we can do (not all inclusive)

-Rips, Tears, and Blown out seams

   - Tent pole repair

   - Zipper Pulls

   - Patching/rewaterproofing tents

   - Clean/Repair all Trekking Poles

-See our Repair photo album here to see some of our work


-Take your idea for a new product and create a working model

-Short production runs

-See our Proto-typing photos here to see a few examples

The best part is, all products are built upon order, making it truly custom for YOU.


- Contact us for pricing or inquiries

- Due to the nature of custom gear we cannot post prices but we will be happy to give them to you on a per-person basis!

Gear Cleaning

- Down Cleaning   

- Includes all down products (sleeping bags, coats, etc)

- Gore-Tex Cleaning

- Mold Damage Cleaning

- Tent Cleaning

Military/Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Martial Arts

- We machine sew patches on these clothing articles

-See a few of the patches we've sewn on here

Alternative Fabrics /Ultra Lights

-Currently we are experimenting with using fabrics like Tyvek to make custom ground cloths, tarps, etc.

Custom Tent Footprints

- We can make custom tent footprints for all tent makes/models

- We can also modify/add to existing footprints. (extend footprint into vestibule, etc)

- GREAT for footprints that are out of production

Gear Consulting

- Confused or overwhelmed about all the available outdoor gear available?

- We can help you sort through what you need/want and help you with the decision to purchase gear.



- We can provide seminars for where to go, what to bring, how to's, etc

- Perfect for Scout groups, church groups, etc


- Help provide gear information

- Everything from beginners car camping to week long expeditions backpacking

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