Keep Me Dry Poncho/Tarp - One of a Kind Adventure Gear

Our 'Keep Me Dry' Poncho/Tarp

This custom item will keep you protected as a poncho or a trail tarp.  It can even be tied over your tent to create a front porch.

The standard poncho is 60" wide by 108" long but it can be customized any way you want for size,  ie. wider, longer, extra snaps to form fit arms, extra length to cover your back pack.   As pictured, it is longer in the back to cover a pack. 

There are 6 or more reinforced tie-outs to utilize as a trail tarp.  The hood has a visor and draw cords. 3 piece hoods with additional adjustments are also available.

As shown the fabric is ripstop nylon but also available in silnylon.  Colors based on your choice and also on available fabrics.  

Starting at $45

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Rust-resistant stainless snaps

Rust-resistant stainless snaps